7 Fotunes (Greek Mythology Edition)- Kickstart your Collection

Hi boardgame geeks!! Back in the saddle on this, so let’s get to it. There’s a lot going on and a lot of releases we’ve missed but, I can’t stay quiet anymore. There’s a lot to cover so let’s get your temptation peaked and your money spent!!!

Full battle carnage!!

2-6 players dive into what could be described as a gain wealth, recruit a champion and destroy each other. Well I say destroy but, there’s also victory points to be earned and saved/protected from your opponents. Hahaha you think your precious points are safe in a game like this… pffft welcome to the real league of gaming.

The game follows a very simple design with coins, cards of different varieties from champions to relics oh and don’t forget the stacking cards. Try to gain a winning hand by wagering your gold to see if you have the winning hand. Risk it for a biscuit, you got to love the idea of taking risks in a poker style game with combat!!

The game plays well and smooth, it will cause alliances, betrayal, anger, happiness, vast vaaaassstttt amounts of emotions. You love to hate your opponents turns. It’ll be fun all the way.

It’s amazing a very reasonably priced. At $55 (approximately £44 plus p&p) it’s a good game to snap up. They’ve just hit their goal and now it’s all the stretch goals to follow.

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