Bella is wearing… Edward Scissorhands

This issue introduces us to Bella and her love for one of Tim Burton’s most sympathetic and misunderstood characters.


Who are you wearing?
Edward Scissorhands is my newest big costume build. I spent a long time working on him and every part is handmade. It was a really difficult project because there weren’t many reference pictures so I ended up with over 100 screenshots from my DVD for references.
How long did it take you to complete the costume?
I lost track of time with it. I had some pieces bought for over a year before I started the project and finished it last year (2017) the suit is made up of all different types of fake leathers and I found an article online that Tim Burton had actual couch leather on the original costume, I happened to have some so thought I’d be authentic. The scissors I handmade from a thermoplastic called worbla and craft foam. They were pretty difficult at first but after I made a few they just seemed to get easier. The makeup was the biggest makeup project I’d ever undergone. I react badly to the liquid latex scars but it’s a sacrifice I was willing to make for the costume.
Photo by Donald Manning
What does this fandom mean to you?
Edward meant a lot for me to make because Tim Burton has been my idol for such a long time. I was lucky enough to take this costume to see Johnny Depp himself in this just a few weeks after I debuted him at a convention. Although I couldn’t get a picture Johnny signed for me and said I looked great which meant a lot to know the man behind the character loved the work I put into the costume.
What is special about this character? 
Again because I’m such a huge Tim Burton fan it was always going to be special to me. I’ve done a lot of Tim Burton character costumes but never put in this much time and effort like I did with Edward.
I related a lot to Edwards character, he was a shy, curious character who just wanted to be accepted and I feel like that a lot of the time.
The movie has such a special place in my heart and honestly it was one of the biggest challenges I’ve ever taken on as a cosplayer and I feel like I managed to do him justice.
What advice would you give to anyone new to cosplay?
The advise I’d give to anyone new is just to be yourself. Don’t worry about what other people do or have with cosplay, don’t thrive for fame or popularity. If you’re not having fun then you’re not enjoying the best part or cosplay. Don’t ever feel like you’re not good enough because your skills will grow over time or even if you choose to always buy your costumes, don’t let anyone tell you you’re doing cosplay wrong because if you’re having fun, that’s all that matters! If you’re having fun doing what you love, chances are others will notice that too and you’ll end up meeting great people and maybe making a few great friends along the way.
Photo by Robert Mann MA Photography
Bella posts photos of all of her amazing costumes and characters on the Madam Bella Cosplays Facebook page and on Instagram, as well as tutorials and convention videos on YouTube.
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