Beneath- Kickstart your Collection

Hi board game geeks! My name’s Doddy and I’m here to help you ‘Kickstart’ your game collection by navigating the choppy waters of crowdfunding campaigns! I’ll be looking at which deserve your gold and which you should avoid like an orc encampment! On today’s edition we’ll be looking at Beneath by Dark hand Games.

It’s time to go digging like a Dwarf on red bull and pro plus who’s just been told there’s gold in them hills!!! Pick axe in hand a hope that you find your wealth in these caverns, though I will offer caution, there’s monsters in there and not to mention each other. Dwarves are totally besties until loot is involved, then it’s every bearded person for themselves. 1-4 players take on this dungeon delving game for all its loot and glory.

Take control of one of the 4 characters in the game and get looting. Roll dice to smash through walls and claim the loot behind them. Easy concept to follow. Then hope to the Dwarven gods that you don’t find a monster… or you do find one… they have their own loot.

These beasties appear and act after the player who discovered it. Each monster is unique and has its own skills, attack’s and loot to claim. For instance one can blind you until and slows you down with every hit.

Counter that with each character does their own thing and has their own perks and skills. A thief well you let others gain the loot then steal it and run. The hero is built for fighting the monster and players, then the bombard is all about explosions and destruction (my favourite class right there).

To win you must delve deep into the cavern, continue to mine, gain loot and upgrade your gear. Then you’ll begin to find the ancient pieces of the scroll. These pieces will grant you claim to the throne and ruler ship over the lands!!! Oh and you can steal these from each other unless banked in with the merchant. Oh there’s a merchant as well where you will trade in your loot to get better gear and equipment to mine more efficiently. Then get your skills levelled to give you the edge in the game and away you go.

Pledge now for £63 to get your copy of the game. Help this campaign come to life and ideas become part of your tabletop evening.

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