Carnival Zombie – Kickstart your Collection

Hi board game geeks! My name’s Doddy and I’m here to help you ‘Kickstart’ your game collection by navigating the choppy waters of crowdfunding campaigns! I’ll be looking at which games deserve your gold and which you should avoid like an orc encampment! On today’s edition we’ll be looking at Carnival Zombie, 2nd Edition from Albe Pavo Studios.

Albe Pavo studios have brought us an amazing game through kickstarter. Carnival Zombie second edition, is a cooperative survival game for 1-6 players. You are fleeing from Terra Firma, a sinking city swarmed with hordes of zombies. Players take control of this band of heroes as they push their way through the city in the hopes of finding an escape route. Seems simple enough until night time falls and the every growing horde claws near in their pursuit of a ravenous hunger for flesh.
During the day time your team will get to heal up, collect items that have been discarded or left behind, build barricades for the night attacks and ambushes. There are also one use unique items which can be played. Timing is everything in a survival game. All this as well as moving through the city in the hopes of escaping this nightmare.

So it’s only a few zombies and the barricades are up, we got this right? RIGHT!? No clearly not. These waves upon waves of zombies hit one after another which can be stressful… YES!!! A stress mechanic has been introduced. So if you haven’t been bitten, scratched, spat on, licked or even tickled, you need to manage the stress of your team. Too much and it all goes wrong then people die and it’s game over.

This was taken from their page clearly stating that the game is huge. With a fair amount of table time-

‘REPLAYABILITY: 9 characters for 465 possible parties, 3 difficulty levels, 2 campaigns with 8 overall finales, 6 scenarios and 8 finales playable as scenarios, 16 bosses = over 450 hours of gameplay! Stretch goals not counted…’

As for the stretch goals, they have unlocked 30 of them which improve the game quality, the materials they will be using for the components and not to mention that there’s even more boss fights!!! Why run when that zombie may have loot? Picking your fights has never been so much fun, and stressful. Oh and did I mention there’s 3 difficulty modes in the game? Oh the sheer horror.

Now you’re asking me how do we kill zombies. Why not throw in dice? Nope, we shall use a Dex mechanic where you drop cubes onto a small board. Seems easy, well the cubes remain on the board so the more you use the more crowded it gets. Any of the cubes that do not remain on this board mean that lovely zombie is still bounding towards you with hunger in their eyes. You have to remember that zombies don’t discriminate. Best get some practice in dropping cubes onto a tiny piece of card.
Terrain is a thing!!! Setting up your barricades is all great in the grand scheme of things, however the zombies that are led by a greater mind for each round, can use the environment to gain perks and bonuses as well as closing the gap down on your heroes.

‘Are we alone out there’? No, as you are searching through the city that lies in ruins, you will find other survivors on your journey. They’re no use in combat though they will provide skills and perks to assist your group in their predicament.

The minis look beautiful the art design is breathtaking. This game looks like it’ll be a huge hit, with a lot of stress thrown in along the way (for you and your hero). A game I cannot wait to get to the table and play just to see how well it works, and how tense it can make a games night.

The game is available now at, with pledges of €64 or more (~£56) bagging you a physical copy of the game.


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