Dan in Japan: The Journey Begins

So I finally did it. After many months (if not years) of planning, I finally find myself mere moments away from boarding a flight to the land of green kit kats, sakura Starbucks and 150 member idol groups (I’ll let you work out which of those I’m most looking forward to seeing). For the next 3 weeks I’m going to be muddling my way through life, speaking extremely poor broken Japanese and spending more money than I probably should in an attempt to adequately fulfill a long term dream of visiting Japan.

It wasn’t until pretty much half an hour ago that I decided I’d make efforts to keep a blog of my trip. There was always going to be hours and hours of video footage finding it’s way onto YouTube, but so many people have asked me to keep then up to date with EVERYTHING I do (and at least 1 who asked that I don’t!… sorry Lucy!) so I figure this is a nice way to do it.

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And you should hopefully also see our weekly podcast posting as usual in my absence (I’m counting on you Steve and Reg!)

Anyhoo, gate’s open, boarding’s begun, see you in 11 hours.


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