Dan In Japan: Day 5

And so begins the most tiring day of my entire trip. A day that you’d expect would involve a lot of relaxing waiting around (and it did have quite a lot of that), but also a day that my feet were thankful had ended- my day at Tokyo Disneyland!

Now it’s no secret that I like a good theme park, so I’m sure it’s not surprising that I had Disneyland on my list of places to visit while I’m in Japan. “Haven’t you already been to Disney World in Florida and Disneyland in Paris?” I hear you ask. “Aren’t they all the same?”. Well… yeah… kinda. They all have Main Street and the castle and a space mountain and a frontier land and blah blah blah… So yes I’ve done and seen these things countless times, so why is Tokyo Disneyland any different? Well because Tokyo Disneyland has DisneySEA! A park that’s regarded as the best themed in the entire world! A Disney park like no other, so clearly I just had to go!

In an attempt to not bury the lead any further, I’ll come right out with it- this place is amazing. I spent about the same amount of time just walking around in awe taking pictures as I did queuing and riding. The park opened 15 years ago as the second gate to Tokyo Disneyland and they spared absolutely no expense (unlike Disney Hollywood Studios at Disneyland Paris, which opened around the same time, but looks like they spent about £12 on it). It reminds me of Islands of Adventure in Universal Florida, which I remember being amazing at how it opened as an incredible, fully formed theme park almost overnight.

It’s all designed around a series of ports and based on the theme of exploration. There’s a Jules Verne themed area with 20,000 leagues and Journey to the Centre of the Earth rides, the Tower of Terror story is based on an explorer who steals a magical idol, there’s an entire Indiana Jones land and so on. There’s not much actual Disney about it to be honest. Not much other than an amazing sense of quality and attention to detail.

Now on previous days, I’ve written paragraphs and paragraphs on my adventures and little stories that happened throughout the day. On this occasion though, I don’t really have any stories, suffice it say that it was amazing and I loved every minute of it. So I figured all I’d write for today was a short introduction and let my photos do the rest. Because remember I mentioned that this was the most tiring day of my trip? That’s because I ended up walking between 8-10 miles by my calculations due to the amount of times I looped the entire place taking photos!

So here you go, less of me trying to sound eloquent, more of me pretending to be a skilled photographer. Enjoy.

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