Dan In Japan: Update!

So I’ve had a few people ask “where are the Japan blogs, Dan?! We got to day 11 and then…”

Well, while I’m now back in the UK and I have about 10 days left to write about (I was running around 3-4 days behind on my blog simply because I was, well y’know, enjoying my trip!). Rest assured these days will come thick and fast shortly, but I just wanted to give an explanation as to why those 3-4 days behind turned into nearly 2 weeks…

Unfortunately in the last few days of my trip I was bed ridden with what turns out to be Labyrinthitis. I woke up one morning and found the entire world spinning. I couldn’t eat, couldn’t stand up, I couldn’t even SIT up in bed.

Days passed, I became incredibly familiar with my hotel room and the bucket next to my bed… but fortunately hope came in the form of a lovely and ridiculously helpful elderly Japanese lady on the desk of my hotel who went WAAAAAY beyond the call of duty. She took me to the hospital, brought me food (every. single. day) and even rearranged my flight for me because I was too sick to fly.

So my 21 day trip turned into 24 days (but obviously not for the reasons you’d WANT to extend a holiday) but now I’m back. The 12 and a half hour flight in my condition definitely isn’t something I’d ever like to repeat, but I’m glad to be back home and able to properly recover.

I had lots planned for those last 3 days, but I’m not disappointed. I did so much amazing stuff before my head decided it preferred feeling like it was on a waltzer, that when I think back on the whole trip the last few days don’t even factor in. It might have been an unpleasant book-end, but hey, it all makes for an exciting life and a heck of a story.

So what’s to come on Dan In The Japan? Other than the 120gb of videos to edit… Massive robots, massive roller coasters, massive titans… just don’t mention the massive sickness incident.


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