Dawn of Madness- Kickstart your Collection

Good day Board game geeks! Doddy here again to bring you another game you may need in your Collection! Diving into the crowdfunding campaigns can be daunting but, I hope to steer you in the right direction. So today, with a warning as this game is intense, I give you Dawn of Madness by Diemension Games!

This game is a story driven monstrosity for 1-4 players in a cooperative fuelled, immersive and intense game. A game that guarantees you a true insight to horror, and one that may cause a restless night.

You are a wanderer that has been torn from your own reality. You find yourself in a place of horror known as the Otherworld. Everything around you is twisted in a horrific way and still it seems very familiar.

The models above are part of the campaign. There’s two pledges and more stretch goals unlocking along the way. These are highly detailed and look out of this world. Who ever came up with this idea and their imagination is off their rocker! They are stunning to say the least.

This world you have been forced into has only one intention and that is to devour all and everything that is you. Your mind is broken, the past and present are muddled with your secrets thrown in for good measure. You must delve deeper into this world to recover you, a go find yourself adventure but, the journey will become more difficult and more perilous.

So join up together and help each other survive this realm of darkness and horror. I mean each creature will bombard you with attacks, skills, cards, conditions etc… but you got this. I mean it’s just a game… which may cause long lasting issues along the way… maybe book a shrink.

Pledge now for this campaign for $79 (approximately £62) plus p&p to get your copy. Campaign ends on December 17th 2019.


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