What can be said about this man known as Doddy? He’s an all round nice guy, tells it how it is. Not afraid to speak his mind and loves to rant… seriously he can go right off on one and not stop unless cake or beer is brought to him.

His sense of humour is darker than the night sky. He loves zombies as they don’t discriminate. Plays Dungeons and Dragons as a player for 5th Edition and is a Dungeon Master for 3.5 Edition. He would love to do a live campaign with us all at Nerdod but, let’s get him started with blogs first.

He Hails the ales, loved good food, laughs far too much, smiles at everything. Secretly wants aliens to invade or make first contact. Also he has an obsession with boardgames that we have never even heard of or seen. We found out he hates Monopoly, like actually 100% loathes the game.

Doddy has played a few games with Shaun(Steve) and has a grudge match planned as Steve ripped his head off in a game about gingerbreadmen.

We think it’s going to be great to have him around and buckle in because we asked him to do a blog and he provided 6.

Oh and watch out he’s a serial hugger

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