Enter the Spudnet!!- Kickstart your Collection

Good evening boardgame geeks! Doddy here to annoy you again. I found an interesting game that will educate you a little and also let you sabotage your opponents turns!! I love people and their game ideas. Codomo brings us Potato Pirates 2: Enter the Spudnet!

3-6 players will dive into this game to networking and cyber security without any use of a computer… I did say I write about boardgames. The game is based on Spudnet, a web which connects the shipping routes in the Carbobbean Sea.

You play as a Potato pirate and you must compete against others to provide the best and most reliable delivery service across the Spudnet. So get your cards ready, make some agreements, then backstab your way to victory!!

It’s a very simple setup. Pick a colour! Then roll a die to locate your orders across the map, it’s not going to be a walk in the park.

Get your warehouses setup in the most strategic and beautiful location, more access to pathways is always good, think about your best options of moving and keep an eye on those pesky opponents. Get your hand filled with cards and plan well and wisely, your opponents menace, holds no bounds.

Gain allies and force ruin onto your friends, you must be the best and make them look like they can’t manage to butter toast let only a reliable service.

Then win when you complete your orders. Claim the winning crown in this game. I would say be nice in this game, but that’s just not what it’s about. Don’t hold back, don’t pull any punches, and if your ally is loyal and helpful backstab them before they do it to you hahaha!!

Pledge now for $69(£40 approximately) to get your copy. Pledge ends on February 16th 2020.


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