Fully-custom 3D mini-Kickstart your Collection

MINIS!!! Hi board game geeks! Doddy here to throw a lovely spanner into your new year savings! HeroForge is back to launch a mini in all its colourful glory!! So here we go with today’s write up… HeroForge you are going to devour my bank balance.

Soooo here we go!! For those of you who play roleplaying games, you’ll probably have your own models by now. For those of you who haven’t played with HeroForge’s webpage you totally should. So many options to make your character or villains in your campaigns. Now there’s a new kickstarter campaign that you can do and it allows you to make a model that doesn’t require any painting!!

So straight away I can tell you’re already captivated and looking to pledge… I’m not going to stop you. I have my current character made from these lovely people and I am over joyed with its appearance. I may have a few saved on their page as well.

The selection they have will keep you busy for hours. They cover many roleplay settings from fantasy to future. Also please don’t forget to accessorise them, including the base… annnnnd you can leave a message underneath each model which can make the perfect gift.

Get your team looking lively and fully loaded. Every character model I’ve seen so far is highly detailed and well made. Just have a look and please don’t get carried away.

Pledge now for $39(£31 approximately) to make and get your own custom model. The campaign ends on February 14th 2020.


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