Giulietta is wearing… the Alien Queen

This article introduces us to Giulietta, a UK-based cosplayer, and the impressive character transformation that sends her cosplay out of this world.

Who are you wearing?

I am dressed as The Alien Queen from Aliens. The design is partly my own creation but with key defining features. The facehuggers on my shoulders are my own personal touch which I’ve seen other cosplayers add to their own versions of the cosplay which is just awesome to see. I feel (especially in photo shoots) the added spikes of the face huggers alongside the spikes on her back, her sharp teeth and long creeper claws make the costume pop out and add to the scare factor.


Photo by Tim Bradley


How long did it take you to complete the costume for this character?

Timing actually had a big factor in the design as I booked to attend London Film and Comic Con in a months time, and started on the costume. I realised that after making the helmet with only 2 weeks left I wouldn’t be able to do it all in time and was about to give up… then Sigourney Weaver (Ripley) was announced as a guest! I said to myself there and then ‘I shall not sleep or eat until this costume is done and I get to meet her!’ Being my 3rd cosplay costume ever I had no idea really what I was doing. I had made my Daedric armour before this so I knew how to make ‘armour’, so it made sense to go with what I knew and just turn this Alien Creature into a human/armour hybrid. If given all the time in the world that costume would have looked very different. The head piece is made mainly from EVA foam to keep the weight of the fan piece nice and light and the rest of the helmet and mouth parts are Worbla with some polymorph teeth. Every part of the costume is hand crafted and all in all took me about 3 weeks.


What does this film and its fandom mean to you?

Going back to when I was very little I was always drawing and painting, and have pretty much lived and breathed art ever since, until I graduated at university. Now back to when I was at school and studying art (I had the best and most motivating art teachers ever!) I got into watching the Alien films and fell in love with the idea behind them! Never before had I come across an alien THAT scary and unique! Whilst in the middle of an art project to research famous artists I just had to find out who was behind the art in Aliens. Turns out H.R. Giger’s work isnt exactly school friendly, so I couldnt use him in my research, however I did buy many books on him. It was when I studied art at college and then onto University that I fell out of love with art completely.


Photo by Scott Carruthers Photography


What is special about this character and why did you choose them?

The Alien Queen in her own way is a strong badass female character and she’s also evil which makes her even cooler (haha). I cant say I can relate to her, but I do love her character design, and the fact not a lot of people have cosplayed her so I felt like I wouldnt be 1 of 100 at a Con (not that there is anything wrong with that if you really love a popular character).


What advice would you give to anyone who is new to cosplay or anybody that wants to start but doesn’t know how?

I have an art background however some of the best cosplayers I know have an IT job or something that’s got nothing to do with the arts. For those thinking ‘I can’t even cut in a straight line, let alone cosplay!’ these crafting skills can be learnt. You just have to want it enough!

Also GOOGLE is a cosplayers best friend! If you want to make a costume but have no idea (even the best cosplayers start a costume having no clue where to start or what to do) I always tell people to type that character’s name into Google followed by ‘cosplay tutorial’ and 9/10 times someone’s already made it and has a step by step. 🙂 I just say if you haven’t cosplayed before start off small. Biting off more than you can chew straight away might scare some people off and we dont want that. Cosplay is really fun and I want people to enjoy it too. The more costumes you make the more techniques you remember and can apply them to new and different types of costumes to the point it gets easier each time!

Cosplay has no rules. Be it store bought, just put together using clothes you already have, made completely from scratch or you commission someone else to make it, it’s all cosplay. 🙂 Just have fun and be kind to others.



Giulietta can be found sharing her cosplay efforts on her FacebookInstagram and Patreon pages.


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