GTG Minis for Tabletop- Kickstart your Collection

Good day board game geeks!!! It is I, Doddy!!! Here to guide you as best as I can through the world of crowdfunding. Do not worry the road might be tricky, but I won’t steer you wrong. Though these crowdfunding projects do contain danger and risks. So today I bring you minis!!! Not the car but, roleplay minis for you gaming sessions. Today Geek Tank Games have released skinny minis.

All Dungeon masters have that issue of carrying books around and the monster figurines. But, Geek Tank Games have released a selection of skinny models to cover all your gaming needs. Rejoice!!! All the zombies will eat your face because zombies don’t discriminate!!

The selection of sets can be added to your pledge and cover all your needs from the creatures of the wildlands to the beings of the underdark. A very good choice of options, especially if you run themed campaigns or one shot campaigns.

The minis are designed to cover the front and back of the model. Using generic templates to ‘proxy’ your character as the fighter, mage or cleric for example. They are also easily stored away in folders which are an optional buy as well.

Here’s one of their examples of what a pack looks like and its contents. Might be worth a little pledge here. I mean it’s not a bad price and saves you painting any of the models.

So give them a look. The link is below and getting just of the packs costs you $15 (approximately £12). Then just pick which ones you want. Maybe get the group to contribute to get these items for your games.

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