Mix & Mayhem – Kickstart Your Collection

Hi board game geeks! My name’s Doddy and I’m here to help you ‘Kickstart’ your game collection by navigating the choppy waters of crowdfunding campaigns! I’ll be looking at which games deserve your gold and which you should avoid like an orc encampment! On today’s edition we’ll be looking at Mix & Mayhem from Simon Harrison and his 2 sons.

A game created by Simon Harrison and his 2 eldest children. They bring you a game that is fast paced, fun, and creative. The game can be played 6 different ways which would allow young ones to get involved right up to the older generations who are more strategic in their approach.

2-4 players will take turns in creating the most monstrous yet ridiculous characters you can imagine.Mix & Mayhem Series 1 contains 72 high-quality professionally printed cards (60 Character cards and 12 Action cards) with fun and attractive artwork and a full rulebook.

We are also offering you the chance to get a copy of Mix & Mayhem Series 1 and Series 2, which is a KICKSTARTER EXCLUSIVE!  With an additional 72 cards, allowing you to create 64,000 unique and absurd characters each with their own unique name and powers.

Soooo what combos you thinking? To quote South Park man, bear, pig YES!!!

Younger children can have hours of fun simply mixing and matching the cards to make their own weird and favourite characters. The cards can also be used to play traditional games of “mix & match”, however, each character card has a numerical value which allows additional unique battle games of “Mix & Mayhem” to be played.

The numerical values show how clever, strong and agile the character would be in battle. Head cards have a “Brains” value, Torso cards have a “Strength” value, and Legs cards have a “Speed” value.  As well as the character cards there are also 12 special action cards that can be used in some of the games to create more fun and rambunctious mayhem. 

It’s a game that plays well, fast, has a great are design on each card. Looks to be too much fun. It will keep you and the family busy for a while whilst dinner is cooking. A great selection of cards to pick from as well so your mix and match selection will have options on options. But, you’re not meant to play God with his creatures!! There is no God to judge you here so set loose your abominations at your foe. Beat them into the ground and become the victor.

Griffins are beautiful mythical creatures, part eagle part lion. It’ll be no match for my crocodile/eagle/octopus mwahahaha!!!

Pledge £24 plus p&p to get series 1&2 to add to this mayhem card game of fun. Clicks the link below to get involved


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