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Ahem, so let me remain calm on this one… I can’t!!! Hello boardgame geeks, you gorgeous people!!! Have you seen this!!! So right for those who love any horror game, based is space, with sci-fi driven art and design, then this is your game. Awaken Realms have brought us a beautiful, well designed game. Please bare with me on this rollercoaster of fun!!

BEHOLD!!! Your Demise!!

If Ridley Scott were to make a game about his famous movie ‘Alien’, then this is it. This is a stand-alone expansion for the original game Nemesis. So imagine this. You’re in a base on a far away planet. It’s been boring and you have stuck to a routine. Talks of creatures begin to spread around the base. Alarms start ringing, they’ve got inside, they’re not small, and they are hungry. Time to tool up and survive.

It’s time to secure the bunker

So the game is for 1-5 players and offers cooperative or semi-cooperative options. May I suggest the semi-cooperative option, because this offers hidden objectives, betrayal in a indirect way. There’s no one to one player versus player, but there is the option of throwing a grenade into a room and sealing the door behind you… just saying.

A new species for your doom!!

The game offers you a limited amount of actions per turn. This is used with a hand of five cards. They can be discarded to perform generic actions like move and shoot, or advanced moves like move silently to not attract attention. Oh and then you can use the actions on the cards themselves which, can be anything from searching, to reloading, and breaking down doors. Each character also has unique skills in their deck as well. This truly is a game changer.

Unlocks keep dropping

The creatures, right let’s cover this madness! So there’s a group of tokens and you select a few from the rules of different sizes and growth stages. This will cover larvae forms to the grand Queen herself. Not going to lie, she’s an actual towering monster that will slaughter you in seconds. When you move normally you make noise. You roll a dice and if you make a noise you place a token in the corridor with the appropriate number. If someone else then makes a noise and it happens in the same corridor, well then you’ve attracted the attention of one of these beasties. Put your hand in the bag and draw a token and that is what you have found, well it found you. Run or fight!!

All the things to make the game gorgeous

Oh and then when everyone’s finished you draw a token at random and throw them into the game as well… just for the fun. Soooo get searching, unlock your gear, trust no one, complete your objectives and survive.. or blow it all up.

This is where they are upto so far

I have bought and backed the first campaign. I have never played a game that has been so tense and exciting at the same time. It is brutal and a scramble for your survival. It fully pulls you into the game and immerses you into it with all the atmosphere you expect from a great horror, suspenseful game. If you didn’t even back the first campaign, well don’t be disheartened as you can now get this expansion, the original game and also the intruder variations, all characters, unlocks and stretch goals. This game has a lot to offer, with a huge replay-ability.

All-in pledge

So £95 plus p&p will get you the core game of Nemesis Lockdown but, you can always go crazy and go all-in at £245 to get everything (not including some of the add-ons) Come join us on YouTube and see us play games and review them

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