Side Quest Activated – Dave & Reg go on a fisting adventure

This summer, NerdOD productions presents Sidequest Activated – The Movie…. well that’s not entirely accurate, This week your favourite least listened to podcasters chat about films based on games, both the good and the bad, ok mainly the bad, but still, there’s always some films that deserve going back too.. Expect classic titles like Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, Silent Hill and you guess it.. Alone in the dark

Of course along the way we get distracted and go off topic, but hey that’s why this is called a Sidequest!

Side Quest Activated is the show where 2 best mates of over 20 years talk about anything and everything gaming related! Join Reg & Dave each week as they guide you through another perilous sidequest! But remember, it’s dangerous to go alone!

Featuring – Reg, Dave

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