Nerd OD Podcast 087 – MCM Comic Con Manchester


Recorded live at MCM Comic Con Manchester, we talk about our awesome weekend Rickrolling the entire convention while recording another edition of Comic Con Sings, harassing dozens of people while playing The Great Comic Con Scavenger Hunt and asking celebreties for their endorsement even though 50% of us didn’t know who they were! Plus we welcome a guest to the pod, long time friend of the show Paul Russel.
Apologies for the slight audio issues, but unfortunately one of the microphones wasn’t connected properly so while you can hear Dan, Reg and Steve perfectly, Dave, and later on, Paul are a bit quiet. Sorry! Also, search for ‘Quizzweeoo1’ on Instagram for awesome quizzy goodness from Paul!

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Featuring – Reg, Dan, SteveDave

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