Peelers – Popcorn and Powertools Review

“Suck Oil”

Peelers is a film about strippers fighting off a horde of “zombies” and as you’d imagine, given the subject matter, it has more in common with exploitation flicks than it does with the works of Romero or Fulci.

Surprisingly though, it actually works… For full disclosure here, the first half of the film is a bit trashy, slow paced and nudity focused for my tastes BUT like some wonderfully campy trojan horse, the second half is actually incredibly funny, well paced and enjoyable.

There aren’t many films that can go from a scene with woman farting into a microphone to a scene of chef based decapitation with such skill, that’s for sure.

Blue Jean, our main character, played by the wonderful @wrenwalks is immensely likeable.

Her bad ass with a heart of gold arc pays off so well in the films latter scenes.

She’s incredibly well rounded as a character, nuanced but human which is a rarity in films of this kind.

The creature designs also set this film apart. They’re both believable and menacing and have their own identity when compared with the cookie cutter zombie designs a lot of other films rely on.

The unique take on the undead is yet another little touch that makes this film stand out.

It’s far from perfect and the first half definitely lowers the bar but once that’s over, be prepared for a crazy little thrill ride of a movie.

If you can see past the obvious titillation and get to the meat of the film, it’s actually a great watch.

Grab your popcorn, help yourself to a beer and you’ll have a great time, just make sure you stick around for the post credits for the final payoff to a long running joke in the film… 3.5/5

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