Pet Sematary – Popcorn and Powertools review

“Sometimes dead is better…”

I wanted to like this, I really did.

Stephen King has a knack for delivering stories that focus on normal people in the most abnormal situations and usually, these stories of full of heart and prove to be relatable.

The problem with this remake is that it lacks heart and lacks any sense of likeability.

The main cast, besides John Lithgow, who puts in an incredible performance as Jud, seem genuinely dislikeable and just don’t feel like a real family unit.

There is an incredible sense of weight to the truck crash scene but it falls of deaf ears when you’ve already skipped out on investing in them as a real family.

Church the cat is ADORABLE and actually had a genuinely dominating presence on screen whenever he’s featured but sadly, the feline acting and Lithgow’s amazing turn aren’t enough to save this film from painful mediocrity.

The lack of real scares hurts the film and when the more dramatic elements fail to hit the mark as well, there’s very little left in the film to save it.

It’s shot well and the muted colours definitely work in the latter half of the film and when coupled with some wonderful sound design, there’s little to fault the film for from a technical standpoint.

Sadly, when the film features a mention of Derry, it just made me wish I was watching the much superior “It”. In short, sometimes remakes aren’t better.


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  1. Great review! completely agree with the disjointed family unit, really couldn’t relate to them and I don’t think this was done as an artistic choice. Will be coming back for more reviews, looking forward to them

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