Say “Hello” to a brand new podcast!

Launching soon is a brand new show from the guys at Nerd OD! Well not guys, but Dan specifically! We’re sure it’s very apparant that Dan has a rather large interest in all things Japanese. The problem is that the Nerd OD podcast just isn’t a big enough outlet for this so he’s decided to start a brand new show!

Introducing… Hello Kitty History!

There’s a whole world of Hello Kitty out there that many of you just won’t know about, so it’s time that there was a podcast to share it all!

From her birth in 1974 right through to present day, the 2 hour¬†weekly show will bring you into the world of Kitty and teach you everything you’ll need to know¬†about Japan’s (or in fact the world’s) favourite feline! For instance, did you know that her actual name is Kitty White? No? Of course you didn’t! But that’s just the kind of thrilling fact you’ll find on ‘Hello Kitty History’!

Tune in every Meowsday starting in Smarch only at!

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