Side Quest Activated – Sidekicks For The Win

On this weeks episode, our favourite hero and altogether beautiful human being Reg and his mostly trusted super Sidekick Dave run through what makes a good Sidekick and what is Dave’s issue with Reg.. I mean Tails.. With so many amazing and annoying sidekicks to choose from, which characters did they deem worthy to discuss? Only one way to find out.. Tune in and agree that 90% of sidekicks are just horrible nasty beings…

With a special shout out to Paul for coming up with the topic.. We hope you enjoyed listening as much as we enjoyed chatting and if there are any topics you guys would like to discuss, follow suit and drop us a comment… We do listen and we do want you to be involved as much as possible!

Side Quest Activated is the show where 2 best mates of over 20 years talk about anything and everything gaming related! Join Reg & Dave each week as they guide you through another perilous sidequest! But remember, it’s dangerous to go alone!

Featuring – Reg, Dave

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