Side Quest Activated – Tim Curry: Dinosaur Hunter

Right so…. Apologies Tim Curry.. We and by we, I mean Reg messed up, we know you’re not dead.. so to celebrate, we are doing a HUUUGGGEE Tim Curry special, covering all your favourite Tim Curry roles, like The Doom Marine, Turok, Anne from Trespasser etc.. We know the list is lilmitless.

Thinking about it, is it really a Tim Curry podcast or a pod dedicated to FPS’s??? Who knows, well, we do, you need to listen in to find out

Of course along the way we get distracted and go off topic, but hey that’s why this is called a Sidequest!

Side Quest Activated is the show where 2 best mates of over 20 years talk about anything and everything gaming related! Join Reg & Dave each week as they guide you through another perilous sidequest! But remember, it’s dangerous to go alone!

Featuring – Reg, Dave

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