The Ranger – Popcorn and Powertools Review

“This isn’t a place for kids to party.”

I love punk rock and I love horror so a movie about punk rock kids getting hunted down by an unhinged park ranger should be right up my street right?

Sadly, not in this case.

The Ranger just doesn’t cut it despite a pretty solid concept.

There’s no easy way to put this but honestly, it’s a yawn fest.

The characters are so one dimensional and unlikeable that it’s hard to be excited no matter who dies.

There’s no real sense of tension and in a film that relies on isolation and menace, that’s a big faux pas.

Sadly, even the main villain, our titular Ranger, is so bland that, even though he was offing the super unlikeable cast, I couldn’t even root for him.

For a film named after the antagonist, honestly he needs more personality or more screen presence than we get shown here.

It’s shot well, the soundtrack is great and the production values are high, even the poster art is awesome but sadly, literally everything else let’s it down.

@shudder have been killing it with their exclusives as of late but sadly, this is a blip on an otherwise super impressive collection of exclusive movies.

Next time I need my splatter punk fix I’ll be reaching for my Return Of The Living Dead VHS.

I’ll take more paramedics over more rangers any time.


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