Trial by Trolley: Kickstart your Collection

Hi board game geeks! My name’s Doddy and I’m here to help you kickstart’ your game collection by navigating the choppy waters of crowdfunding campaigns! I’ll be looking at which deserve your gold and which you should avoid like an orc encampment! On today’s edition we’ll be looking at Trial by Trolley by Cyanide and Happiness.

Ok so let me be straight forward in my approach here, this game is not for children… ever!!! This game is not for those who are easily offended!!! Approach this game with an open mind. Now that is out the way you should get this. Totally it’s a great game and a lot of fun. You are split into equal teams and one person is designated the conductor. Don’t panic the conductor role will rotate.

The conductor will then flip over an innocent card, one for the north rail and one for the south. Each team will then pick another innocent card to be placed alongside their own. You got to make your track more appealing than your opponents. So why not put Tom Hanks on there, everyone love Tom Hanks(this is a genuine card in the card).

Next, each team will try and sabotage their opponents track by playing a card that is very tongue in cheek. Examples above can explain what I can’t put in words. Just think of the most inappropriate thing and it’s probably on a card… or send them ideas. Pure disgust will be passed around the table. It’s definitely a game to try with the parents.

As well as a sabotage you can throw out a modifier and this is where it gets fun. The modifier can be played on either sabotage card, yours or theirs. Then you try and persuade the conductor to save your track and kill everything on your opponents. Once the conductor has picked those on the losing side of the track receive a skull token. The next player then becomes the conductor. The game ends when everyone has been the conductor. The player with the lowest amount of skull tokens wins the game.

The game is a riot and amazing fun. You just have to approach it very light hearted and with an open mind. It will make you laugh and no two games will be the same.

Pledge now for $25 (approximately £20) to get your copy. Though there is an expansion option for a total of $40 (£32) plus p&p. Pledges end on the 7th August 2019.

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