UK Games Expo- Come say hi!!

Goooooood day Boardgame Geeks!!!! So here we are with a huge run up to the biggest boardgame gathering the UK has to offer.

It’s going to be biblical

Game designers and producers come together to sell you their wares. Try out multiple games before you buy. Demonstrations of games will run throughout the day, then at night people gather in the gaming halls for even more games.

Now before you panic, there isn’t a stranger danger approach here(still be careful though, caution is the best approach). The boardgames community is one of the most friendly and approachable ever!! We are an amazing group of people.

Taken from their page. Look at the awesomeness

So grab you family and friends and come along for more games than you can physically afford. Meet great people and companies along the way. Try new games and old. Then add on top of you want to make space in your home, there’s a trade area to sell your old games… and then buy someone’s old game to re-live your childhood.

you can play Narrated games such as Dungeons and Dragons

So if you’re feeling unsure about the world of roleplay games well, here’s your answer. Games Masters from over the UK will be throwing their story telling skills into the mix for you to play. Limited spaces for each game.

I mean there’s enough here to keep you entertained for the whole weekend. I shall be there rocking with the Summoned Games crew. So come say hi we shall be walking about and recording but, would love to say hello to all we meet.

Come see what we are up to on Facebook our YouTube link which needs your support. And then we shall be diving into Twitch soon which will cover a roleplay game which there’s a vote for which one we play on our Facebook page.

Find us on social media @SummonedGames much love to you all

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