You Might Be The Killer – Popcorn and Powertools Review

“Dead councillors… Lots”

‘You Might Be The Killer’ is a 2018 slasher directed by Brett Simmons, currently streaming on Shudder.

It is also absolutely fantastic.

Horror comedies that work organically are a rare breed, particularly when they rely on meta humour to work and thankfully, Simmons knocks it out of the park with this effort.

Alyson Hannigan and Fran Kranz put in excellent performances as two friends only connected by a telephone while bloody chaos ensues.

Hannigan in particular, puts in a hilarious performance as Chuck, acting as our protagonist, Sam’s advisor.
Meanwhile Kranz plays the neurotic “hero” to perfection.

The script is smart and doesn’t aim to be anything but a riot from start to finish.

It’s a lean film with little to no fat, no excessive exposition and a story flow that naturally progresses despite it using a non linear narrative.

The onscreen kill counters are a smart idea, both from a comedic standpoint but also for letting the viewer know exactly where they stand in the timeline.

Genuinely funny without sacrificing the horror element or underlying mystery, I enjoyed myself from start to finish.

It’s no masterpiece and it’s not going to be studied by film scholars but it is PERFECT popcorn cinema and a genuinely joyous watch for fans of the genre.


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