Zerywia- Kickstart your Collection!!

Good day to you board game geeks!! It’s Doddy here bringing you another quick blog of the crowdfunding campaigns out there. My aim is to steer you towards games that show huge potential, from the popular companies to the the new fledglings entering the crowdfunding world. Today I want to inform you of Zerywia brought to us by Koliba Games.

Oblivion is consuming the land and its people. Creatures push forward across the lands in the search of something or someone. The darkness void must be closed otherwise the world will fall to darkness. The stories of old speak of heroes brave, strong and smart that would take on such foes. These stories are old and now it’s time for you to forge your own.

Take control of one of the heroes from the local tribes and begin your adventure to vanquish evil. Commit to your decision as you mould yourself. Gain the favour of the gods and unleash their wrath down upon your enemies, be praised by the common folk or despised with your choices along the way, and also there’s you. What do you become after each choice? The hero or a tyrant!?

Each hero will have a selection of mythical abilities but, with that they are no stranger to the mortal dangers and dilemmas across the land, oh and don’t forget your own conflict that burns inside you. Muster artifacts, protect townsfolk, join forces and support your allies. Let the old gods names be heard so they are never forgotten. It’s time to wipe out these invaders from the dark depths.

Plenty of equipments, boons, relics and loot to find along the way. Please remember it’s a cooperative game for 1-4 players, so sharing is caring. Not to mention there’s expansions with more heroes and villains and loot!!! So it’s pretty much a definite backing from most. Well it’s already funded so all the stretch goals.

So choose your path, tell your tale, unleash your fury!! This game holds nothing back and has a huge replay value. Easy to pick up, it’s your choices that are challenging. Give it a look and a pledge.

Pledge now for £69 to get a copy of this magnificent game(plus p&p). Campaign ends on December 3rd 2019.


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