Bad Samaritans- Kickstart your Collection

Hi board game geeks! My name’s Doddy and I’m here to help you ‘Kickstart’ your game collection by navigating the choppy waters of crowdfunding campaigns! I’ll be looking at which deserve your gold and which you should avoid like an orc encampment! On today’s edition we’ll be looking at Bad Samaritans by Bad Samaritans.

WARNING!!! Not a game for children, says 16+ for a reason!! Now that’s out the way let’s do this. A card game of sheer carnage and quick play, that you’ll have to bring your A-game to win. One not for the faint hearted.

The game setup is straight and simple. Separate the cards into their respective decks and shuffle well. Set the decks out so they are within easy reach of every player. Pick one of the 20 characters at random of be boring and choose the one you want (power gamers here we go). Every character has an active ability.. until the die!!

Each player takes 7 cards, then the stupidest player begins. They draw the first scenario card and then the bombardment of cards begin. Each player can play up-to 2 cards and each have different effects from spells to powers. Each scenario has a point value and set criteria set with power types.

Every card played must meet the scenarios criteria with the power type needed and you must try to attempt to surpass the score of the scenario. Each scenario is worth points so the more you have the better chance you have in winning. Though if you play a card that’s not relevant to the scenario, you die. There’s also spells and my favourite is chain lightning!! You play this card on the next player, they must discard a card with the lightning power symbol on, if they can it’s passed on and on until someone dies!!! Oh good times.

Pledge now for €20 (£18 approximately plus p&p). The campaign ends on October 29th 2019 get your cash thrown at them now!!

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