Hellboy – Popcorn and Powertools Review

“It smashes things… real good”

Let’s talk about the 2019 Hellboy reboot… So, what’s to say that hasn’t already been said?

The films been panned, it’s not been the box office juggernaut the studio hoped for and most people wrote it off for being an unnecessary reboot.

The thing is, at it’s heart, it’s not an objectively bad film but it’s a movie that has some serious fundamental flaws that hamper it, almost fatally.

David Harbour actually holds up as the titular demon, playing the role with the right amount of cynicism and bravado even if he does, at times, seem to be doing his best Ron Perlman impression.

The rest of the cast besides Harbour and Milla Jovovich seem to be phoning it in but this is probably more down to the films storied production issues than to poor acting and direction.

It’s studio meddling that seems to have hampered Hellboy from holding up to the much loved originals.

Tonally, it never quite hits its stride, throwing humour, violence, action and horror at the screen, desperately hoping to land a hit.
Sadly, it rarely does.

There are some good moments and some inspired character and creature designs bogged down in a mire of poor attempts to get a laugh from the audience which is unfortunate.

While people have compared this to the original, it actually reeks of an attempt to get some of that Deadpool, R rated dollar without putting half of the love and effort in.

Despite all this, I didn’t come out of the cinema feeling cheated, just a little let down that Mignola’s wonderful world wasn’t brought to life in the way it deserved. It’s a passable effort with some genuinely entertaining moments but it feels so slapped together it hurts.

Such a wonderfully built world and deeply fascinating characters deserved better than this hodgepodge of half realised ideas.

In short, such wonderful source material deserved better than a C+ effort.


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