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Hi board game geeks! My name’s Doddy and I’m here to help you find your new awesome board game! As you well know, board games have become a massively popular activity/hobby. But it’s so easy to throw money at games and feel like you are not getting everything you hoped for, or you meet someone at a friendly local gaming store and realise the game they have is the same as yours but, they have all extra bits- new expansions, beautiful models, components… You might want to steal their stuff and run into the streets…

But have no fear! I’ll be providing information and links to the latest games and accessories that are hitting Kickstarter, Indie Go Go and all the top crowd funding sites!

I’ll have my work cut out for me as I try to steer you all in the right direction. Which campaigns are worth your money? Which are not all they make out? When backing a Kickstarter I will say, from experience, to check out the company. See what their playthroughs are like, if they have had popular channels review and play these games. There are some people out there who have been known to create a project and leave you with nothing and then disappear.

One last bit of advice before we kick off- even though you may not be able to afford a game by the campaign’s close date there’s always a last minute pledge which lasts a few weeks to months after it finishes. You could always even back for the lowest amount and then upgrade your pledge later on.

So what are we waiting for? Buckle in and let’s get this going.

First up on ‘Kickstart your Collection’ is Ignite from Ginger Snap Gaming

The banners are raised, the clans have gathered, and champions have been picked. Ignite the fire in your heart as you take control of a clan for domination over the battlefield! Ginger Snap Gaming brings us Ignite- a battling deck builder where the races of the lands fight it out for survival over a varying and continuously changing landscape.

The game is for 1-6 players (up-to 8 players with the expansions) and offers a competitive, as well as cooperative mode. Take control of one of the asymmetric races of the land of Oshos, fight it out to the death and claim your victims as trophies to be crowned champion of the lands.

You begin with the same meager equipment and weapons, then, through shrewd purchasing, tactical movement, opportunistic attacks and the use of terrain effects, players match wits on the battlefield.
The game provides a very strategic kind of cat and mouse combination where you try to lure in your opponents to maximise your spell usefulness and efficiency. For example; use one of your clan members to throw a net over an enemy as they traverse through the woodlands, then throw a fireball at them to get the full effect. Your opponent can’t move and is surrounded by a flammable environment which leads to death. Trophy in the bag. I make it sound easy. It’s not. Your opponent will also have spells and counter spells that can deflect them back towards you. Every step has to be cautious, every card played with certainty. No hesitation.

To add and may I quote the fine people of Ginger Snap Gaming;

“Please note, this is not a CCG (like Magic: The Gathering) or a TCG (like Pokemon). This is a deckbuilding game (like Dominion or Ascension) where everything you need to play comes in the box. (For you CCG & TCG players out there, imagine that every player starts with the same starting deck which they customize as they play; essentially “buying” their “booster pack cards” from the table during the game rather than from a store before the game, allowing for quick setup, high strategy, lower budget, and high replayability.)”

I have to say, the more games that are released, the care and attention that goes into them are amazing. The models themselves are beautifully designed, and suit this world so well. For a unique twist and approach, each model has 3 holes in their back. These are to represent wounds. So when you take a wound on that model you place a dagger in a hole. No tokens taking over the board, but actual daggers get placed in them. How amazing is that?

The game takes 15-20 minutes per experienced players so I would suggest playing with 3-4 to start so you get an understanding of the game. Though the rules flow really well it won’t take you long to become a force to be reckoned with.

Currently the base game and all relevant stretch goals will set you back approximately $89 (£68) plus shipping. The larger pledges open up the expansions which add more clans, more spells and the Enemy Unkown encounter.

A game that can be enjoyed and played on a regular basis, I hope to see tournament games in FLGS across the world. It has such a great start at becoming an epic game with a huge following. The world is ever living and I hope that we’ll see this Kickstarter reach its full potential and a few more down the line that add to this.

Click here to check out their project and I hope you back it. Help them
achieve their goals for this project, and help those who support it unlock more stretch goals.
Pledge ends May 2nd 2019.

We’ll be back soon with some more of the latest and greatest projects from crowd funding sites across the internet!

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