Oathsworn: Into The Deepwood- Kickstart your Collection

Hi board game geeks! My name’s Doddy and I’m here to help you ‘kickstart’ your game collection by navigating the choppy waters of crowdfunding campaigns! I’ll be looking at which deserve your gold and which you should avoid like an orc encampment! On today’s edition we’ll be looking at Oathsworn: Into the Deepwood by Shadowborne Games.

Well we’ve all been there. Wanting to go on an adventure. Into the woods. Shouldn’t be too bad… This is sooo going to make or break your hero. It’s fun. Prepare yourself for a game that changes your feelings towards rats from oh it’s a rodent to BURN IT!! BURN IT WITH FIRE KAREN!!! (Don’t know who Karen is but, she’s obviously a red mage).

The story so far; The monstrous Deepwood is out of control. It has consumed the land all around. Nothing grows on the farmlands any more. Rot and corruption moves as fast as the shadows. The towns life is cheap. No resources, stocks dwindling, villagers running, fleeing, or cowering in the hope it will pass. Time to step up and stop this evil from consuming the land and the good people within.

So this game is considered to be a grand legacy game. This means that this boardgame lets you pick adventure from the game book, yet throws in a good mixture of ‘big’ mini encounters along the way. No point in hanging back, you may as well get stuck in. Not only that, this time they are bringing us a game that is combing a novel-sized interactive audio book and minis. Just because they want to put in as much stuff as they can get. Which is fine. Oh and James Cosmo is the narrator for the story. He’s been in things like Game of thrones, Outlaw King, Braveheart to name some.

Before the fight you will be thrown into a world of intense imagination as you embark on a hunt. The interactive storybook will guide you through a well designed created world, showing you the maps of the area. Choose your path along the way to find your foes, gather some well needed allies along the way (they will be needed, you know for meat speed bumps so you they get eaten first and you can kill). Then it’s down to making truly crazy decisions which have lasting effects in the game. This sounds like a campaign to last weeks and weeks. Do not put the game away, let its beauty shine bright on your table!!

The game contains a host of giant 100mm models and then add the multi-phase encounters that will completely slam you into life or death experiences. Then add in the customisation of your character, learn your foes weakness, because going in blind is stupid. Unless that’s the risk you want to aim for, I mean I’m not your mum I’m not telling you what to do. Good luck.

Hit this link to find out more about this project and sign up to their newsletter https://www.shadowborne-games.com/copy-of-oathsworn

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